About Us 

We were established in 2012. Extensive knowledge and experience in legislation dealing with the Criminal Record removal. Our dedicated consultants deal with each case individually and confidentiality is guaranteed.  Information with regard to your criminal record is both private and sensitive.

 If you have a criminal record, do not make the mistake of waiting till the 11hr to have it removed.  Our consultants are experienced in handling expungement applications. We are also aware that a person does not have to have criminal intent to have a Criminal record.  Sometimes we are even unaware that being stopped by a traffic official can result in having a criminal record. Our consultants treat all our clients with humility and understanding.

  • We guarantee 100% success rate and the best turnaround time.
  • Pre-employment checks

Having a background check can save an employee from a potential disaster. It is a well-known fact that information on a person’s curriculum Vitae can easily be fabricated. It is important to have all the facts about prospective employees before the actual employment takes place. Information such as academic qualification and employment history are of paramount importance. We at enact consultants do a series of checks and verification including rapid personality test to allow employers to make the best selection of prospective employees.